My job

My passion for instruments and music was born istinctively. In my family my grandfather was a musician in theVatican band and some other relatives are self taught like me.
When I was thirteen I started to play the guitar on my own, for pure passion, and only later I took private lessons developing first of all, a musical ear, thanks also to listening to the records, from which I could patiently extract chords and notes (I used to destroy them for how many times they were replayed).
The need to learn to tune pianos came when, in order to play with friends in an old wine cellar, we had to tune a piano which we hired: so I could understand that it could not be so immediate as I thought and that to be a tuner was a true skill (I even didn?t know that). I started tuning pianos thanks to my school knowledge of acoustic physics and to other specific handbooks, but above all practising with one of the best technician of the Bosendorfer firm, Rodolfo Franceskin,
who was for me not only a very dear friend but an exceptional master too.
After having worked by the Ciampi company in Rome as technician and tuner, in 1980 I was charged of the pianos maintenance of the Conservatory of S.Cecilia inRome and I have been taking care of them for 20 years. Now I work mainly for the cruise ships pianos in Civitavecchia harbour, recording
studios and theatres and everywhere there is a piano.