Why piano goes out of tune.

When a piano is new, strings come loose easily (who plays the guitar knows how many times he must retune them before the new set of strings get stable). That is the reason why technicians recommend to have a new piano tuned at least twice in the first year: that way the instrument will stabilize the right tune and the following tunings will be over the previous ones, improving stability. Once the strings stabilize, it is the humidity and temperature ariations that cause its going out of tune: the ideal environment where to locate the piano, is where these parameters do not change much. The exposure to heat sources and long lasting aeration, particularly in winter time, should be avoided.

Setting of the action.

With use, materials reduce, but it is possible to reduce looseness and new created spaces by appropriate adjustment screws, getting again precision and readiness . Ask your trust technician to check and, if it is necessary, set action and pedals.



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